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Ripple is a collaborative, diagnostic whole of school approach that improves the resilience and self-confidence of students. It is supported by best practice providers to diagnose and deliver education and community support in this important area.

Ripple is a long-term program (3 years minimum) designed by experts, backed by research, funded by philanthropy; to deliver schools a tailored, ready to use program that can be woven into the school’s timetable and routine.

Opportunities for schools to benefit from this funded program are limited to 100 schools over the next 5 years, with priority given to remote and complex schools.

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The inspiration for the program came from Ripple Founders and Philanthropists – Liz and Anthony Phillips.  As experienced educators and sports coaches they have a strong awareness of the importance of resilience and self-confidence in children and in life. Committed to making a positive difference in this area, they have invested heavily (through The Phillips Foundation) to bring Ripple into existence.

Ripple recognises that significant change takes time, which is why it is designed as a three-year partnership with schools.  Ripple also recognises that we can achieve more if we work together, which is why it is a collaborative program that brings together leading experts and providers to give the students in our partner schools the best available support. Ripple also recognises that it will not be able to partner with every school, which is why we are prioritising remote and complex schools.

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Ripple is a program which is partnering with schools, subject matter experts and foundations to improve student resilience and wellbeing. Visit our dedicated Ripple website to find out more about the program and get in touch.