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How we invest

The Phillips Foundation directs its resources – financial, time and expertise – through three investment streams.

More information on our discretionary grants program, strategic funding program and systems change investment can be found below.

To learn more about the types of programs, projects and organisations we work with, please review our current partner profile.

Discretionary Grants

Eligible charities (endorsed as DGR1 status) can apply for up to $50,000 for one year funding. Projects are typically assessed on their impact and service delivery outcomes.

  • Discretionary Grants Expressions of Interest (EoIs) open from 1 February to 31 March each year.
  • Shortlisted EOIs will be invited to submit a grant application.
  • We also consider applications in response to disaster relief and respond to EoIs out of cycle in these circumstances.

Strategic Grants

Multi-year funding partnerships that align with The Foundation’s giving strategy. Grant applications are via invitation only.

Systems Change

The Living Ripples initiatve that seeks to improve the resilience and self-confidence in the children at your school. Partnership opportunities should be directed to the Living Ripples team.

Lucy during the camping session with her friends enjoying themselves at the community pool.

Confidence built in one camp

Lucy Wanjiru, a class six girl was ever shy and full of thoughts attributed by her dysfunctional family which was really affecting her at school. Her class teacher who had noticed her anti-social behavior gave her an opportunity to attend the camping and that is where her perception in life took a positive change. Being selected to represent her class, was like a dream to her that took hours to sink in her mind.