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Images taken by Paulyn, School for Life's Marketing/Communications Coordinator

Enabling education

School for Life helps disadvantaged primary and secondary school aged school students in the Mpigi District of Uganda access an education. Currently working in partnership with two local primary Government schools, School for Life delivers practical support. This ranges from teacher training to meals to enable students to come to class and engage in their learning. Through this support, and growing demand, over 1,000 children will be in the program in 2024.

Program: Education
Project: Breaking down the barriers to education
Location: Mpigi District of Uganda

School for Life (SFL) recognises that for vulnerable children, the barriers to education can be substantial, complex and profound. It is why their collaborative practical support with two local government primary schools in Katuulo and Ndibuluungi, and soon to be a third in Kibumbiro, is diverse, specialised and integrated.

SFL provides students with nutritious meals, access to clean water and menstrual hygiene kits for all girls along with menstrual hygiene management education. Assistance is provided for facility improvements including creating new toilet blocks and handwashing facilities, renovation of classrooms, fabricating new doors and windows and providing teachers with staffrooms. SFL also supports students with enterprise and business skills to help break the cycle of poverty for girls especially, helping them make liquid soap and briquettes.

School attendance is at 756 students across the two schools and there have been a further 30 new enrolments. In the month of August, this meant SFL provided 16,240 nutritious breakfasts and lunches for all students.

To build local capacity SFL works alongside the 19 strong teaching team across both schools. The teachers are involved in a range of sessions including lesson observations and support supervision, leadership coaching and mentoring and instructional planning.

Ndibuluungi Primary school teacher Christine describes the difference the SFL partnership is making. “Before our students weren’t receiving any food at school, now they come to school each day and receive breakfast and lunch. This has made a huge impact on our enrolments, more come, can concentrate and now stay for our whole day instead of leaving early to look for food. Our girls can now come to school when they have their periods. Our classrooms have been given desks and we now have safe latrines and handwashing stations, we are seeing a huge difference”.

The Phillips Foundation is a key partner in the work of SFL and enables the provision of practical support that is making a significant local impact and a lasting legacy for learners, their families and future generations.

© Images taken by Paulyn, School for Life’s Marketing/Communications Coordinator
© Images taken by Paulyn, School for Life’s Marketing/Communications Coordinator
© Images taken by Paulyn, School for Life’s Marketing/Communications Coordinator

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