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Confidence built in one camp

Program: Education
Project: Camp Africa
School: Various (Kenya and Tanzania)

Camp Africa project has been developed to build connections across So They Can’s Tanzanian’s network of schools and their communities, creating a confident and engaged generation of students.

The project consisted of 3 stages of activities, which started with 11 schools being invited to participate. Schools sent parents, students and headteachers to represent their school, where we introduced the project and sought participation from the schools.

So They Can led a co-design approach, asking each school to develop activities in 3 categories:

  • Teacher Capability (sharing and developing resources to lift the quality of teaching),
  • Community and Culture from parents (building knowledge of different cultures and celebrating diversity); and
  • Student Confidence and Education activities. 6 schools chose to participate and designed their activities, which granted them an invitation to the final activity; a camping trip at Tarangire National Park.

Students from participating schools come from low-income families, often with little to no access to educational and recreational resources.

TPF’s investment helped developed personal, social and physical skills outside of a formal classroom. In 2022, our investment supported 9 school communities (6 in Tanzania: 3 in Kenya) and 3,200 students 32 teachers, 120 parents and 60 community/village leaders.

I made so many new friends and learned a lot about my country. I can’t wait to come back! I really enjoyed camping and I’m going to work very hard in my studies so that next year I come to Tarangire National Park.

Student, Ng’wang’weri Primary School

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