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Coober Pedy Term 4 2021

Clontarf Foundation

The Clontarf Foundation works with Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander boys and young men during their secondary school years. The goal is for all First Nations boys and men to feel supported, capable and confident in all areas of their lives. How this is done is through a comprehensive in-school program delivered throughout the year. With 23 years of results, growing demand as more boys and young men decide to stay at school and increasing program locations, Clontarf’s academies help lasting change happen.

Program: Education
Project: Clontarf Foundation
Location: South Australia

Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander boys and young men face significant barriers in education so the Clontarf Foundation walks side by side with them and their school to provide practical and targeted support. Through the Clontarf program, also known as academies, students receive regular, familiar and sustained support to help them attend school, to thrive and complete Year 12.

Boys and young men on the Clontarf program receive academic support and guidance, participate in health, wellbeing and resilience programs and develop their leadership skills. Importantly the program is delivered by men in settings that are safe, familiar, inclusive and varied. Alongside classroom activities are bush camps, hikes and regular sporting events.

For one mum having her son on the Clontarf program for three years “has had a massive impact. Clontarf have helped guide and influence him into the great young man he has become. He is now in his final year at school, an achievement we are all proud of”.

The Clontarf Foundation operates across Australia in 148 schools with 11,500 students involved in its 2023 programs, 900 of whom are completing Year 12. Clontarf has supported 6,357 students to complete Year 12 since 2000, many of whom have successfully moved into further study and work.

With support from The Phillips Foundation, the Clontarf Foundation is establishing a further eight programs in South Australia in schools with significant need. So far four programs are already in operation. These additional programs will increase Clontarf’s capacity from 236 to over 700 students in the coming years. For the students, their families, the schools and communities, this helps more boys and young men achieve their potential.

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