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Building Block Schools

In remote and earthquake-devastated Indonesia, Classroom of Hope is creating significant and lasting change for students and their families.  Over 400 schools were damaged or destroyed during the 2018 earthquakes, leaving thousands of children unable to continue their formal education.  Community by community, Classroom of Hope is helping students return to learning through its Block Schools Program, a modular, complete, durable, sustainable classroom and teaching solution.

Strategic Funding Program: Access to Education
Project: Building Block Schools
Location: Lombok, Indonesia

The Block Schools program is a construction and recycling initiative in partnership with local communities and Indonesian industry by Classroom of Hope. The program provides 6 to 16-year-old students, teachers, families and their communities with safe, appropriate and permanent learning facilities and toilets for improved sanitation. 

In the remote region of Gangga in north Lombok, two schools and 217 students are back at school in their fully furnished four classroom modular blocks complete with modern amenities including toilets.  The blocks are molded from 100% recycled plastic from local provider Block Solutions Indonesia.  Created to be earthquake resistant, the prefabricated blocks are assembled on site using locally trained contractors.  Built on concrete, and using reinforced steel beams to support the structure, assembly is quick and efficient.   

Described by Classroom of Hope CEO, Tanya Armstrong, “‘This program addresses two critical challenges simultaneously: providing sustainable infrastructure to communities in need and tackling the global plastic waste crisis – the life-size Lego style blocks are transforming lives”.  For each four-classroom school built, close to 36 tonnes of carbon emissions are saved, around six tonnes of waste recycled, and 13 – 14 local workers trained and employed during the six-week on-site construction.  For the communities, the benefits are life-long.  

Integral to the success of the Block Schools Program are the local and global partnerships created. Around 4.4 million children are out of school in Indonesia, with the poorest and those in the most remote locations consistently excluded from learning, TPF has partnered with Classroom of Hope to bring about change and has supported the Block Schools Program since 2022.  TPF is contributing to the construction of 200 new schools for 21,000 students and 2,300 teachers. 

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