Over 2000 sanitary kits distributed

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The Phillips Foundation partners with Australian based charities who deliver services and embrace healthy living to improve the lives of underprivileged children as well as families in need of assistance both in Australia and overseas. Phillips Coaching Services is a Foundation partner.

The not-for-profit School for Life Foundation has an update from rural Uganda.

School for Life and The Phillips Foundation are proud to say we have now completed the distribution of the Menstrual Hygiene Kits to just over 2000 School for Life students, the local community and the local public schools.

The distribution has been a huge success, connecting us more deeply with the community. 
The sanitary kits are expected to last for at least 3 years providing an alternative sustainable solution for families who would typically have to buy sanitary pads each month. By providing a hand-up through initiatives like this we are building the capacity of the local community.

We know that one of the biggest barriers to the education of young women and girls is a lack of available sanitary products, and we’re thrilled to know that this is going to directly impact their ability to go to school consistently.

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