Are we ‘lost in thought’?

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Our friends from Connect with Compassion had some thoughts to share.

Is our modern world ‘lost in thought’? What is your relationship with your own thoughts ? Have you fallen for the trap of believing every thing you think??

The metaphor of thoughts being like clouds in the sky can liberate you from being so attached to your thoughts. Just like cloud weather patterns change frequently, so too do our thought patterns. Thoughts come and go and are not real facts but simply thoughts.

Rather than being embroiled in the clouds of your mind, remember that there is always clear sky, resting just behind the clouds. The blue sky is the original mind. Clouds are just passing events in the sky. Thoughts are just mental events passing through our mind.

You are not your thoughts, when you choose to let them go… just like watching storm head clouds slowly condensing to white fluffy balls that dissolve into wisps. If we know the sky is endless and vast, then we can know there is more space to allow thoughts to drift through…rather than feeling they are trapped inside the small space of your head! It changes our relationship with our self, others and our lives. So, is it a case of ‘head in the clouds’ or ‘feet on the ground’?

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