‘One Ball’ 2020 Finale

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The Phillips Foundation partners with Australian based charities who deliver services and embrace healthy living to improve the lives of underprivileged children as well as families in need of assistance both in Australia and overseas. Phillips Coaching Services is a Foundation partner.

We were thrilled to attend the great 2020 finale night for the ‘One Ball‘ program, run by founder Kamal Ibrahim in Port Melbourne.

The idea started with one ball… and the focus, today, is getting kids off the street. Additionally, the organisation is focused on getting parents and families connected in community through the power of sport.

At that time, he spoke no English and found it difficult settling into life in Australia. He turned to his passion – soccer – as a way of communicating and connecting into his new community.

Kamal’s new life began in Port Melbourne, where he joined the local Port Melbourne Soccer Club. The club provided him with a generous opportunity – they paid for his membership registration, supplied him with his uniform, and most importantly, made him feel welcome and that he belonged.

Today, Kamal is giving back to hundreds of disadvantaged kids from numerous cultures.

A true saint.

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