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The Phillips Foundation partners with Australian based charities who deliver services and embrace healthy living to improve the lives of underprivileged children as well as families in need of assistance both in Australia and overseas. Phillips Coaching Services is a Foundation partner.

The Phillips Foundation is clear in our mission, and a key part of our focus is to support the delivery of education. Over the past year, we’ve been delighted to work with Schools Plus on an initiative to donate a range of IT items, like laptops and WiFi access, to remote and disadvantaged schools and children.

This initiative was originally designed to increase the technological skills of both the teachers and students, and make education more accessible. It started off with one specialist teacher, and over six months, all of the teachers had developed the skills and confidence to teach Digital Technologies.

Technology is now integrated across all subjects, and the students’ technology and problem-solving skills are growing fast.

When COVID-19 started to impact learning this year, these donated IT items and the new skills among teachers and students meant that these school communities could adapt much more rapidly thanks to the groundwork that had been laid. We were also very pleased to hear that the impact has been particularly strong for students with special needs.

A special education teacher at Childers said: “There is a constant challenge of finding ways to equip students with disabilities or learning difficulties to demonstrate their abilities in an often-inequitable world. Yesterday, I witnessed a smile from a child introduced to two technology-enabled learning tools. A smile that recognised the power of being able to learn, and demonstrate learning, independently despite low literacy levels. Through the Schools Plus grant, our school has travelled a path that has been arduous at times, but so worth the effort.”

We look forward to continuing our partnership with Schools Plus.

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