Connect with Compassion: White Scarf

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The Phillips Foundation partners with Australian based charities who deliver services and embrace healthy living to improve the lives of underprivileged children as well as families in need of assistance both in Australia and overseas. Phillips Coaching Services is a Foundation partner.

Wearing the white scarf of compassion is a symbol of dedicating some time to settle your mind and your body.

Mandy and Liz were first given a white Kharta scarf when they visited Nepal in 1987. They decided to use the white scarf in their Connect with Compassion project for western women to wear as a reminder to value time for themselves. It was fitting they returned to Kathmandu in July 2017 on a mission to source white scarves.

The ACP Fair Trade organisation have made beautiful cotton scarves that have been hand stitched with three rows of white cotton by the Seven Women as a cue to “calm your breath, calm your body, calm your mind”.

These are sold to support marginalized women at our Connect with Compassion Events or by contacting

Next stop Ubud, Bali March 2018!

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